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Ultra10 / woody / 120 GB HD / fdisk and geometry


I'm trying to put a 120GB ATA drive im my ultra 10 running stable with
a 2.4.19 kernel

A probe-ide shows correctly the drive.
The kernel seems to be able to read the geometry as shown below :

    nath@thething:~$ cat /proc/ide/hdc/model
    Maxtor 6Y120L0
    nath@thething:~$ cat /proc/ide/hdc/geometry
    physical     238216/16/63
    logical      238216/16/63

But fdisk doesn't want to let me specify a custom geometry (typing ?
doesn't do anything) :

    thething:/home/nath# fdisk -v
    fdisk v2.11n
    thething:/home/nath# fdisk /dev/hdc
    Command (m for help): s
    Building a new sun disklabel. Changes will remain in memory only,
    until you decide to write them. After that, of course, the previous
    content won't be recoverable.
    Select type (? for auto, 0 for custom): ?
    Select type (? for auto, 0 for custom): ?
    Select type (? for auto, 0 for custom): 0
    Heads (1-1024, default 16): 16
    Sectors/track (1-1024, default 63): 63
    Cylinders (1-65535, default 41606): 238216
    Value out of range.
    Cylinders (1-65535, default 41606):

I understand that 238216 > 65535 and that fdisk can't really accept
238216 as an answer :) but how could I partitionate my hard drive ?
If I use the values given by fdisk, I end with a 20GB-like partition
scheme, while I'd like to be able to fill up all those GBs :)

Thanks in advance,
Nathanaël Camelot
mail : c.nath@free.fr

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