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Sarge Installer (Daily Build) on Ultra 60

Hey there,
I know my way around Debian on the Intel platform, however I'm a newbie when
it comes to Sparc64.
I have an Ultra60 with a SCSI subsystem; the cdrom I'm trying to install
from has SCSI ID 5.
OpenBoot version is 3.23, Memory is 512MB. NVRAM is in mint condition.
The Image I'm attempting to install is:
nst.iso - It's said to install stable on the website.
The SCSI Controller is properly identified during the boot process (devices
are identified ok, HD + CDROM are listed)

Now the actual problem occurs even before it gets to the installer, namely
it can't mount the root fs from the CD
VFS: Cannot open root device "" or 00:00
Please append a correct root="" boot option
Kernel Panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 00:00
Press L1-A to ...

Appending root=/dev/scd0 doesn't do the trick, any pointers?
(Note: I've done some quick googling and read other mailing list posts: I'm
*not* trying to append the param on the OpenBoot prompt, but from the silo
prompt, as in linux root=/dev/scd0)

Also, the machine has two NICs, an onboard happymeal 10/100 (which wasn't
working under Solaris - kept telling me about a missing link although the
network hardware was fine and tested with another intel based machine) and
one I just bought on eBay (X1033A). Both get detected fine when booting the
Debian installer cd, as eth0 and eth1, however, both get identical MACs - is
this correct ?

Please forgive my stupidity and these - probably - idiotic questions, but
everybody's a beginner sometime ;)

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