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Re: [Blade150/netinst] Blue screen of Death...

Mandi! Ben Collins
  In chel di` si favelave...

> > After this... box stop working at all, only a blue screen, no keyboard,
> > no even Stop-A. Simply DEAD.
> What was the installation doing when you got this last screen?

I can do most of the instalation, as explained before: boot, keyboard
conf, partitioning, formatting, network conf, download of kernel and
modules, install of kernel and modules... then i go to the module
config phase.

All the things i need (console, disks, network) just works (i've used it!)
so i simply hit enter (``finished with modules, continue with the next
As i expect the window desappear (remain only the blue background
typical of a debian install), but no next phase appear (i think will be
the download of the base system).

Only the blue background.
No Alt-F2 to go to the shell.
No even Stop-A.

Seems that after the modules config, something try to access an hw
portion not previously accessed before, and thus hang all the box.
A note. When i've to download the kernel and modules image, from the
media choice menu there's no cdrom.
Could be that the installer try to load something from the cd and hang?
I can try to skip cdrom probe with something like ide1=off on netboot

Next time i'll try to use a serial console, or verify if also network
hang with some pings (but if there's no stop-A response, i think also
network go dead).
sparc kernels support the magic sysreq keys? I can try also this?

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