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locking while booting from floppies

I've got a sparcstation 5 that I am trying to install debian on. I am 
connecting to the sparc with a serial console.

I have created the boot floppy from rescue.bin and asked it to boot from the 
floppy. The sparc starts to boot from the disk that I have made and finally 
comes up with:

floppy0: WARNING disk change called early
VFS: Insert root floppy disk to be loaded into RAM disk and press ENTER

I insert the root disk and press enter but nothing happens. It just seems to 
lock up, I can't even send a BREAK to it. Can anyone shed any light on what's 
going wrong, and more importantly, how I can fix the problem?

I hope that someone can help me, and if I can give any more useful info then 
let me know as its the first time I've ever used a mailing list.

thanks in advance,


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