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Debian and MySQL on SPARC

Hi !

I am not quite sure if any one has had a similar problem to mine, but yet
again, I am a complete newbie on Sparc systems. I can't seem to get MySQL
working or installed on the Netra. Thanks to you all, I managed to get
Debian installed *thanks* !

Anyway, the thing is, I am trying to use Group Office (or install it). I'm
trying to use Apache, PHP and MySQL. I manage to install Apache correctly
with the modules and start the web based PHP installation of Group Office.
But I can't get MySQL to work. I only have one file to do with MySQL and
that is /etc/mysql/my.cnf . I can't use the "mysql" command to get into the
console *argh*. Any ideas of where I went wrong ? I used dselect and
downloaded the mysql-common.

Sorry for the hastle !


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