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RE: SS20 won't talk to my hub

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> Sent: 22 March 2004 10:02
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> Subject: SS20 won't talk to my hub
> When plugged into my (cheap, 100/10Mb) hub, my SS20 refuses 
> to be reached.
> It can't be pinged or otherwise contacted, despite the link 
> light being on.
> It does talk to my other machines when directly connected 
> with a cross-over
> cable however.
> From what I've read already, I think my hub isn't negotiating 
> properly with
> the lance ethernet device. 

Hmm...the SS20 has 10Mb ethernet on board...if you're plugging into a 'cheap
100/10Mb hub' the chances are that it's one of the nasty old things that
partitions it's 10Mb and 100Mb connections onto different networks rather
than bridging between the two as a switch would. If this is the case and all
your other kit connected to the hub is 100Mb you'll have no comms between
the two networks.

Try forcing one of the other devices on the hub to 10Mb and see if you can
ping it then.


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