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Re: How to build custom sparc64 kernel?

I upgraded my eBay-special Ultra 5 (running woody) to
kernel 2.4.25 over the weekend. I ended up using egcs64
and everything went fine - the kernel build found the
compiler itself and everything fell in to place.

GCC 3.3 built a kernel that appeared to run, but it had
enough issues (unimplemented SPARC system calls,
bizarre numbers from ext2 file systems) that I backed
it off.

The former issue is known; the latter was insane
numbers for size/used/available on the root file system.
Probably a 64-vs-32 bit issue; my workaround (for now)
is the kernel I built with egcs64. If it ain't broke... :-)

GCC 3.3 didn't like the 2.6.4 source one bit, complaining at
length about deprecated use of casts in lvalues and
eventually throwing its hands up and quitting in disgust.
Another issue, for another rainy weekend.

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