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Re: Raptor Gfx with Sun U5

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> One problem remains however.  When running XFree86 (4.1.0) I am getting 
> lines of what looks like 'interference' lines down the screen.  One part 
> of the screen has it really bad whilst others you just just see small 
> patches of it.  The lines run horizontally and kind of 'crackle'  if 
> this makes sense.
> Console mode is fine it just happens when I load Xfree86, and happens at 

Are you using the Permedia framebuffer driver on console?
There appear to be some deficiencies in XFree86's PM2V driver for the
Raptor GFX 8P, which change if you initialize the card with the Linux
2.4 fb driver (which itself has deficiencies for this card).

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