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RE: netra X1 tftp boot..and install

Hi Rich,

That is quite a curious situation. The tftp was downloaded using the onboard
OS whic Sun has, apart from their super LOM management software. The problem
here is with the Debian boot, which may not have the modules needed for your
network card. It does sound strange though. What happens, once you configure
and initialize the diks, when you go directly to the "configure the network"
step ? Does it give you a module error ?


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Hi Neil,

I have just now got around to trying the netboot again and have pretty much
the same, 'what do I do now' problem. I get to the dbootstrap interface,
configure HDD's, etc., but the network cannot be configured because there
are no drivers/modules for it (even though it was used to tftp the image in
the first place.) How do I go about getting the net cards enabled for a net



--Neil Wrote---

The steps are basically all the same except for some. Once you have your
disks partitioned and initialized, you have to go down the menu to configure
the host name and the network. Once these two are configured, then you can
go ahead and install vía the network.

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