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Re: auto poweroff - keyboard dependency?

Op ma 08-03-2004, om 01:58 schreef Eric Brower:
> Janos Sziliczi wrote:
> This tends to hit the list once every few weeks.
> In both sparc and sparc64 the kernel will not power-off systems that are 
> running with a serial console-- instead they are dropped to OBP (2.2.x 
> did not act this way).  I believe Pete was going to remove this "safety 
> measure" in sparc a while back but I don't believe it has been done.

I agree with you that this should be removed. IMHO, it's a simple bug.
If I type poweroff, I expect the system to do what is described in the
man pages. And even if the man pages were updated to reflect the current
behaviour, I would opt for an added command-line parameter so that I can
poweroff the system if I want to.


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