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Re: Blade150 and sarge bugs...

On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 05:38:22PM +0200, Marco Gaiarin wrote:
> X seems to start, but the monitor display ``sync out of range''
> message. I've verified, the new xfree 4.3 packages have not touched the
> xfree config file, i've tried also to lower the monitor capabilities to
> force a sync at lower freq, but with no clue.

I've noticed some X problems with a Sun Bade 100.  When I upgraded to
the xfree 4.3 packages, suddenly I can only get lower resolutions like
800x600.  Before that, with xfree 4.2 packages, I used 1280x1024 and
1024x786 with no problem.  It's especially egregious because I have a
21" Sony Trinitron monitor attached, so the lower resolution makes
everything look very large.

Roy Bixler <rcb@ucp.uchicago.edu>
The University of Chicago Press

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