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Re: gcc defaults [was Re: building slrn on sparc]

> > In fact, you can ask Ben, that this is where the behavior change came
> > from.  After I discussed this very specific issues with Ben over the
> > course of several weeks.
> Why not discuss it with GCC maintainers?  If you can explain the issue
> I may be able to help, though I'm probably out-of-date on the build
> process, and I'd prefer not to have to do much experimenting with
> bootstraps on the hardware available.

By default you don't get 64-bit builds. If you do not install
libc6-dev-sparc64. Dave didn't like this, but it's a compromise we came
to just because of this very point.

Even if you install libc6-dev-sparc64, you can override the default
easily by doing "touch /etc/disable_64_gcc".

Sure it needs to be documented, in the release notes for sarge.

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