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Re: Seagate Barracuda drives for SparcStation20

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, Art Haas wrote:

> Hi.
> A month or so ago I sent an e-mail to the list about getting some larger
> drives for my SparcStation 20. The consensus was look on places like
> ebay and the like. I mentioned to a friend of mine about looking for
> drives for this machine, and it turned out he had some 80-pin SCSI
> drives from a decommisioned Sun workstation. He got the drives thinking
> they would work in his computer, but the connectors were different, so
> he never used them. So, he gave them to me and now I have 4 Seagate
> Barracuda drives, each 9G in size. The model number is ST19171WC.

To the best of my knowledge it cannot be done without altering the 

I got one ST19171WC by mistake myself and found no way to connect to the 
SS20 as the drive side will clash with the upper sca connector.

One way to use them would be to find a 6bay 711 sun enclosure ...

By the way you should also check if the ST19171WC is SE/LVD or HVD. (There 
is a full family of ST19171W ...

Antonio Prioglio [antonio.prioglio@britishlibrary.net]

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