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RE: Ultra 5 install problem


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From: Martin [mailto:inkubus@interalpha.co.uk] 
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 9:04 AM
To: kurt@verruckt.org
Cc: Debian Sparc
Subject: Re: Ultra 5 install problem

> Now before you go bashing on my cd burning ability, this disk will 
> boot fine in my other sparcs. So will all of the other cds I have 
> burned. I have purchased new memory for it, I have done a thorough 
> wiping of the drive in another machine, I have even put back the oem 
> sun cdrom and 8gb hdd, and have the exact same results. I 'am' able to 
> install Solaris 9 with NO PROBLEMS, and it runs great.
I've been told some older Sun boxen will only boot from particular brands of
CD - that might explain this although AFAIK they stopped doing that way
before the Ultra series.  Perhaps try again with the OEM cdrom and the new

> But, I want debian on here. This machine previously had debian 
> installed, and ran great. At that time, it had the 8gb hdd, and 2 
> smaller scsi drives. I am willing to try anything you all might 
> suggest. I really don’t want to trash this machine, as it performs so
> Thanks for any replies.
Have you tried a net install?  If you have another Sun boxen (or access to
one) you could install onto the hard disk and then switch boxes. 
IIRC there is also a way of installing from an existing UNIX - you could use
Solaris 9 to install onto the larger disk and then boot from it.

Sweet Dreams,
 - Martin

"Seasons change, things come to pass"


Thanks for the response. I had heard about the install from the existing
Solaris partition. I was just trying too hard to fix the problem, and not
just go around it. Though if this problem continues, I may just do that. The
debian version that im currently trying to install is:
I am thoroughly stumped at this point. It seems as though there is a problem
loading linux from the cd to begin the install. But what could it be? I am
no linux expert, but wouldn't it seem as though it is having problems
loading into memory? The memory is literally brand new, but I have the same
problem as with the old memory. 


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