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Re: how to get audio working on ultra 80 w/ debian testing

Hi Abe,

On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, Abe Olson wrote:

> > I can get sound by plugging headphones or speakers into the cdrom
> > drive and some applications send sound out the (admittadly not bad
> > sounding) tower speaker.  None of the outputs on the sound card itself
> > seem to work though.  How can I get that to work?

IIRC you have to use digital extraction to listen to cd's. xmms can do it
if properly configured.

> What's the output of "lsmod"?
> ai:/etc# lsmod
> Module                  Size  Used by    Not tainted
> rtc                     1928   0
> openpromfs             12536   0  (unused)
> hid                    15568   0  (unused)
> openprom                4900   0
> cs4231                 21392   1
> audio                  22912   2  [cs4231]
> parport                31264   0  (unused)
> ai:/etc#
> I don't see anything like a sound card in the lspci output.  In lsmod,
> cs4231 is the module for the onboard sound on the ultra 80.

The cs4231 is on another bus. Check your dmesg output and search for sbus
or something similar. All the devices on that bus are on the same line.
Unfortunatly i cannot be more precise since my U60 is dead.


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