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auto poweroff - keyboard dependency?

Hi All,

I've compiled a 2.4.25 kernel.
When I'd typed the 'halt' command as root, the Linux shutdowned and the
machine turned off automatically (no 'power-off' needed on PROM prompt).

I plugged out the monitor and the keyboard.
Just the UTP patch cables and the power coord are remained connected.

I've started the Sparc, and everything worked fine.
The dmesg said: "Keyboard: Not present" and "Console: ttyS0 ...".
I typed the 'halt' command in a remote shell.
But the machine didn't turned off! I had to power off it manually.

After this, connected only the keyboard (and not the monitor).
The dmesg said: "Sun TYPE 4 keyboard ..." and "Console: switching to
colour frame buffer ...".
And the Sparc turned off properly after the 'halt' command.

Is it a feature?
Is it configurable, that the Sparc turns off withuot keyboard too?

Thanks in advance,

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