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SS20 won't talk to my hub

Hi All,

New to linux on sparc, but I have had a good search and can't find an
answer to a little problem I've run into...

When plugged into my (cheap, 100/10Mb) hub, my SS20 refuses to be reached.
It can't be pinged or otherwise contacted, despite the link light being on.
It does talk to my other machines when directly connected with a cross-over
cable however.

>From what I've read already, I think my hub isn't negotiating properly with
the lance ethernet device. 

I'm running a fresh install of Woody, ethtool and mii-setup don't seem to
be compatible with the lance chip however.  

Has anyone else had this problem, or have any pointers? I'd prefer to avoid
having to get a new hub. 

Any help/suggestions much appreciated,

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