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Install problems on SS5 and Ultra 1

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I'm trying to install Debian on two recently acquired machines, ones a SPARCstation 5 (Actually the Tatung clone of it, as is the Ultra 1) and an Ultra 1 Station.  The problem I'm having is that the install from an external Sun CDROM drive isn't working.  I keep getting the SCSI bus is hung message.  It doesn't matter which machine I try, they both report the same error.  probe-scsi returns that its the Sony CDR unit with a SCSI ID of 6, like I would expect, but it won't boot.
So, my questions are, any suggestions on a resolution for the external CDROM drive I should look for?  (It is terminated with a known good terminator)
Assuming I can't get this to work, is there a way I can take the CDs and somehow copy them over to a hard drive on one of the other machines I have and do an NFS install?  (I want to make all 6 CDs into a single drive, and not have to swap things)
Better yet, I have external hard drives, is it possible to copy the data to the hard drive, and then instead of doing the NFS thing, attach the hard drive to the SCSI bus and do the install straight from it?  (My other machine would be a Sparc classic, and its a little bit slow)
Any other suggestions?  Thanks!

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