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Seagate Barracuda drives for SparcStation20


A month or so ago I sent an e-mail to the list about getting some larger
drives for my SparcStation 20. The consensus was look on places like
ebay and the like. I mentioned to a friend of mine about looking for
drives for this machine, and it turned out he had some 80-pin SCSI
drives from a decommisioned Sun workstation. He got the drives thinking
they would work in his computer, but the connectors were different, so
he never used them. So, he gave them to me and now I have 4 Seagate
Barracuda drives, each 9G in size. The model number is ST19171WC.

The drives are slightly taller than the drives currently in the machine,
so I can't just pop out my old 1G drives and put in these 9G drives, but
I'm guessing I can just install 1 of these drives in the machine, and
leave the second connection unused. I see no reason why this should not
work (assuming I can get the drive installed), unless there is some
bizarre requirement that two drives need to be in the machine.

I'm mailing the list with two questions. First, what sort of experience
does anyone out there have with these drives? Are the reliable or not,
or do they fail frequently. Second, can anyone recommend a place selling
some sort of kit that would nicely change these internal hard drives to
external drives? I've seen things like this before, but don't know just
what is available now. A google search turned up some info on the
Aurora-sparc list about someone getting disks like this and trying to
use them in SparcStation5 machines. He couldn't get these drives to work
as internal drives, but a reply to his mail suggested a type 611 case
from ebay. I'll go look for these things, but if someone knows of other
similiar kits I'd be glad to hear about it.

Thanks in advance.

Art Haas

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