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Re: AFB microcode

Le Mercredi 24 Mars 2004 13:59, Ben Collins a écrit :
> On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 08:42:36AM +0100, philippe mortier wrote:
> > good morning
> >
> > I've bought an elite card for my sun ultra 10
> > and I' m searching the afb microcode
> > I've download a 1.8 mo file
> > wich is called 105791-33.tar.Z
> > and I wonder to know if it is the compressed microcode
> > which must be put in /usr/lib/afb.ucode ?
> You need to unpack it and use the afb.ucode file contained within.


I extract the afb.ucode and put it in /usr/lib
then running afbinit fb0 /usr/lib/afb.ucode
and when booting the elite graphic card appeard 
in dmseg
then I have changed device driver ati in sunffb
in section device of xfree

but there's something lacking because I din't
catch any xwindow 


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