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Re[2]: PCI USB Cards

My U10 runs woody, 2.4.19 kernel.
I have these PCI cards installed

>> nics,
> Recently someone reported getting a 3com card (3c905?) working.
I have 2 3c905b-tx installed, had up to 3, used revs A,B,C

>> scsi cards,
> Yep.  Got an Adaptec card (2940 IIRC) working very well.
Diamond Fireport 40 Dual (sym53c876), (sg module), can boot from it,
but when rebooting, I have to Stop+A and "boot scsi".

>> tv tuners, etc.
> Never tried but IIRC the bt drivers appear in the SPARC kernel so it
> should work.
miro pctv (bt848), the kernel used doesn't have the necessary modules.
I had once a bttv module loaded, using a debian kernel (can't remember
which one, surely a 2.2.x when using potato). I only tried xawtv,
nothing went, didn't search more than a screwdriver.

> Have got HCF modems and ATA controllers to recognise but haven't tested
> them properly.

>> If the driver source is out there, what's to stop it from running?
> Well:
> 1. Some kernel drivers haven't yet been ported to all architectures
> (last I looked the only 3rd party SCSI driver in the SPARC kernel was
> aic7xxx) and some have been but could do with testing.

> 2. User space drivers (IE X drivers) may not have been ported.

> 3. Unless you have the right kind of card and / or hack the card's
> firmware you will have problems getting it to interact with OpenBoot.
> IE booting from extra SCSI cards may well be out of the question and
> things that require initialisation (graphics cards) may be problematic.

> I'd be interested in hearing of any success / failures you ahve.

> Good luck,
>  - Martin

> -- 
> Martin
> inkubus@interalpha.co.uk
> "Seasons change, things come to pass"

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