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mutt / Bus error


Do you also have problems on your sparc/debian with mutt ? 

om@u1:~$ mutt

Connecting to mail.omx.ch...Bus error

om@u1:~$ cat .muttrc
set imap_user="testaccount@omx.ch"
set spoolfile={mail.omx.ch}
set folder={mail.omx.ch}
mailboxes {mail.omx.ch}

om@u1:~$ dpkg -l | grep mutt
ii  mutt Text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, 

Here (unstable), it only works when I add "set ssl_starttls=no" to the
.muttrc, but I don't really like to read my mails without encryption.
I tried to announce that as bug: http://bugs.debian.org/228855 two
months ago, but well... no improvement yet :)

should I rather forget mutt and use pine? :)  any suggestion welcome!

 Olivier Müller - PGP key ID: 0x0E84D2EA - Switzerland 
    E-Mail: http://omx.ch/mail/ - AIM/iChat: swix3k

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