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RE: noob with a few questions

Agreed - I definitely prefer the way it's done in Debian.  I think it makes
sense to put some daemons in inittab, like licensing daemons or things that
provide crucial services, but I don't think X-Display Managers (xdm, gdm,
etc...) fall into this category.  I guess I also like how some UNIX/Linux
distros let you reboot with run-level 5, but I can see why some dislike it

<> Jim

> > 1.  How do I add something to the default run level?  I need afbinit to
> > run before X starts so I can have a fast(er) X experience.
> Put it in /etc/rc2.d/. All those run before X starts (X is started by
> /etc/inittab)
> That is not true in Debian, /etc/rc2.d/S99[gxk]dm is what starts X in
> Debian.
> X starting from inittab is fairly standard for other Linux distributions
> like
> Redhat and SUSE though and even other Unixes if I remember right.  I
> Do prefer the Debian method though, why treat X any different than other
> daemons.

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