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SS5 install progressing, but have a question...

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Okay, I've managed to get my SS5 to boot and start installing the system.  However, when I went to boot the live system after the base is installed, I've hit my next snag.  I had to set up the ever popular /boot partition due to the 1gig bug, and Debian didn't correctly configure the system to boot with this.  So, since it was still looking for silo.conf in /etc, I'm stuck at a boot prompt.  I know I can specify the name of the kernel image and the root partition, but I don't know what the name of the kernel image is.  So, please help me with this information!  Either that or was there a step I missed in the install that would have allowed me to set it up correctly?  I'm connecting through a serial console, and I don't think the alt-f keys work, but I'm not sure.  I don't mind starting over again at this point, but would like to rescue this system if I can!  Thanks for the help!

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