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[Blade150/netinst] Blue screen of Death...

As explained previously, i have to install debian on a lab full of
these box:

	SunBlade 150 (UltraSparc IIe - 550 Mhz) -- OBP 4.6.9

I've download the miniiso from:


but i cannot directly boot, i got ``fast access MMU miss'' error.

So yesterday i've tried the netboot, with this image:


boot went fine, and i've started the installation flawlessy, apart that
this boot image want to download kernel and modules from a 2.88 images
that are present only on phunnypharm.org, so you have to alter the url
by hand... nothing hard, only a bit boring. ;)

Apart this, kernel and modules are downloaded and installed correctly,
then next step are the configuration of device modules. I've not
installed anything (disks are correctly seen, so keyboard, console and
ethernet, so i don't need some other things in installation).

After this... box stop working at all, only a blue screen, no keyboard,
no even Stop-A. Simply DEAD.

Someone can help me?!

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