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Re: noob with a few questions

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 23:27, Kent West wrote:

> > 2.  I choose the right time zone during the install but my clock keeps
> > being wrong after boot.  I've set it a few times with date but it
> > hasn't stuck so I want to figure out whats going on and fix it for real.
>  Try something like
>     hwclock --systohc
> to copy the system time into the hardware clock. (I'm not sure this will
> work on sparc architecture though; it does work on x86.)

It works on SPARC too. I had the same issue when dealing with my U10 cause the 
rtc driver in the kernel seems to be very pc-specific regarding this issue. 
2.6 kernel has solved this issue, however systohc is a good choice if you use 
a 2.4


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