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RE: woody on ultra sparc IIe - help

Hi !

I am pretty new with Sparc at the moment, but here's what I would try. Try
doing the initial install over the serial A port, until you can configure
the input locales for your keyboard. Unfortunatly I don't quite understand
what happened there. In any case, you'll be able to find out if the system
really locks up, or if the keyboard doesn't like Debian. Hope this helps,
even a little bit.

Regards, Neil

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De: pabo [mailto:sua.bonhage@onlinehome.de]
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Asunto: woody on ultra sparc IIe - help

I want to run Woody on an Ultra Sparc IIe - Netra AX1105
with PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse.

I try a net install with RARP and tftp.
It looks fine until I got the Woody Release Notes on the Monitor.
Then I can't do anything with the Keyboard - hang.

What can I do ? Has anyone an idea ?

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