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RE: SS5 install progressing, but have a question...

As long as /boot is not a separate mounted partition under /, no you won't
need a separate /boot partition, since your root is less than 1gig.  My
problem stems from an older boot prom and following how Suse does things.
(and how Debian implies things can be done, but doesn't correctly set things
up, apparently)  I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong in the setup, and
how to boot the system as it stands now.  Once I get it booted, I can fix
the problem, its just getting it booted.  I've since re-read stuff on silo,
and see I can do an ls and see file names, so I'll try that tonight and see
how far I can get.

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On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 14:32, Schaefer, Robert (PS) wrote:
> Okay, I've managed to get my SS5 to boot and start installing the
> system.  However, when I went to boot the live system after the base
> is installed, I've hit my next snag.  I had to set up the ever popular
> /boot partition due to the 1gig bug, and Debian didn't correctly
> configure the system to boot with this.  So, since it was still
> looking for silo.conf in /etc, I'm stuck at a boot prompt.

I have set up the / partition on my SS5 to be 999MB and no /boot
partition, (after I forgot the first time and I run into the same
problem), and it works fine now. No need for a separate /boot I think?


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