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Re: v100 ethernet problems

On Monday 15 March 2004 00:27, Marc Horowitz wrote:
> >> My ultra2 did this when it was plugged into my old 10mbit switch(it went
> >> to 10 hd) If I forced it to 10 fd, it barely worked.  Since I've gotten
> >> a new 100mbit switch, I haven't had any problems
> I've got an HP procurve 2524 managed 10/100 switch.  I've tried many
> combinations of settings on both ends, but I couldn't win.  Specific
> suggestions of settings are encouraged.

My Ultra5 (hme) never had this problem, both 2.4 and 2.6 series went fine with 
no errors at all.

eth0: Link is up using internal transceiver at 100Mb/s, Full Duplex.

And all I'm using is a poor man's Linksys 10/100 4 ports switch. Don't know 
what card the v100 uses, but most probably it's a driver issue, try booting a 
2.6 kernel, never had problems with it on sparc64.


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