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RE: Building custom kernel


I'd be interested in your input on this.  I thought the latest direction was
to use gcc 3.3.3+ for kernel compilation versus egcs64.  Please correct me
if I'm wrong...

<> Jim

> If you want to build custom kernel, I suggest that you should download the
> source from ftp://ftp.kernel.org or from one of it's mirrors.
> Install the egcs64 package (cross compiler) using apt-get.
> (It seems to be, that it is already installed on your computer.)
> Here is my workflow:
> 1. Open the Makefile (in kernel's source root dir) with an arbitrary
> editor.
> 2. Look the beginning of this file. here is the variables for executable
> programs.
> Find the CC (not HOSTCC!!!) It's value is: $(CROSS_COMPILE)gcc
> Change it to: sparc64-linux-gcc
> (Note: I don't remeber exactly, look the real name from output of
>  'dpkg -L egcs64' command)
> Note: Change only the CC variable, not the CROSS_COMPILE!
> 3. Don't forget to run 'make mrproper' first!
> 4. Run 'make menuconfig'

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