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[no subject] /etc/network/interfaces and unique identifiers for NICs 3com network card, trouble w pcmcia-modules fan problem Norton AntiVirus a détecté et mis en quarantaine un virus dans un message que vous avez envoyé. [Fwd: SOLUTION: getting LevelOne wireless to work on Toshiba] Re: [OT] subscribe Acer travelmate550 acpi patch ACPI Patches and make-kpkg after knx-hdinstall howto network configure ? airline travel with hitech gear? (a bit offtopic) Anti-aliasing: xfstt or xfs-xtt ?!? Anyone have any experience with ASL? APM and Hibernation on battery power ( was: Hibarnation / lphdisk / Destroyed MBR (solved)) APM, kbdrate and CPU speed problems ATI or nVIDIA for new Laptop? audio on cpq presario 1720us (i810_audio) audio-ethernet card on dell inspiron 4150 RE: Battery Life Battery life recovery Re: Battery life recovery - Everyone suggesting battery full drains, *read this* Re: Battery life recovery - Everyone suggesting battery full drains, *read this* Battery powerfail / APM text-console and xterm logger Black screen after install boot Broadcom 4301 [WAS: ls[wireless]] Built-in wireless lan in asus l3800c (l3c) cannot mount audio cd cd rom installation CD-reader on SONY VAIO SR27K Choosing network settings at boot? combo dvd/cdrw CompactFlash PC Card Adapter Compaq 1200 xl 106 Compaq Laptop Docking System Re: D-Link DWL 650 Debian install assistent for Laptops - utopie or already started? Debian with ZONET PC Card debian-laptop: getting LevelOne wireless to work on Toshiba dell i8200 and sound jack at apr Dell Inspiron 2650c - current version with PCTel modem Dell Inspiron 8200 + ATI M9 DELL Inspiron and some problems Re: Dell Latitude C840 doesn't exit from suspend correctly -- solved -- different paste buffers? Dlink-650 DWL-650 Dlink Wireless Card DWL-650+ (plus) Dlink Wireless Card eepro100 and Irda on Dell Inspiron 8000 ES1869 sound card (and 3d effect) in a Compaq Armada 3500 esd freezes my computer after a while eth0: dropped interrupts!!! Re: eth0: dropped interrupts!!! (Solved) Etherboot via PCMCIA for cdrom-less laptops Re: fan problem FANCY~Lan Networking,Fiber Optic Networking System...etc~ Framebuffer on toshiba Fujitsu Lifebook Further power management issues Getting PCMCIA to work? gnome 2 and gdm2 A good CHoice? Re: A good Choice? Got 3com card working, still have 1 question HDD not spinning down help install toshiba satellite 2435/S255 Hi again. How to boot into gdm? Hibarnation / lphdisk / Destroyed MBR Re: Hibarnation / lphdisk / Destroyed MBR (solved) hibernation An hopefully simple question about acpi and debian kernel Hot wireless card How to disable the 'Stand-By' mode on APM? and ACPI problem... I broke apache and hacked a fix, but what happened and how do I fix it properly? i830m IBM ThinkPad R40 HIGH(TR8K2BE) info2www and dwww / wwwoffle as infoserver ? Inspiron 8100 Woes Inspiron 8200 Xwindows issues - Radeon 9000 irda in asus L3 series Isn't kde 3 in sid?!? Kde Tooltips - From kde 3.1/sid back to Kde 2.2.2/woody.. Kernel bf24 Freeze keyboard info keyboard scancodes kinda OT: BIOS version on Dell I8k klaptopdaemon Li-ion battery doesn't charge Linux on Laptops Updated ls[wireless] lucent orinoco-wavelan2_cs-WEP make-kpkg, was: Getting PCMCIA to work? making a new kernel Making the power button smarter? MobiliX with new name NAV detected a virus in a document you authored. NEC Versa P440/P700 info request Re: Netgear MA401 (wireless network card) trouble Re: Netscape and IBM Thinkpad 560 Network card Accton EN2242 No echo for LCP-ConfigRequets after pap chap --> no route Re: Packard Bell iGo 4000 series Re: PAP/CHAT --> no route; LCP-Config Requests reflected (solved) pcmcia network install on nec versa ultralite Power Management Issues Re: RAM upgrade ignored or kernel panic arises on Thinkpad T22 Re: Random keystrokes lost Reading temperature refarding cd drive Regards (ignore this message safely) Required Driver for Prolink Satellite Pro 2100 ho knows the Toshiba Notebooks Re: Setting up i810 audio Setting up i810 audio ?!? setup apm for 'battery low' warning on textconsole slow fan down A small doc for installing Debian on a Dell C840 SMC2632W-V2 Wireless card on Kernel 2.4.20 Re: Sound-Problems on Fujitsu-Siemens-Amilo-6100-Laptop starting blackbox with woody - how? Still cannot get 3com NIC to work Strange tv out problem subscribe sugestions on a PCMCIA wireless card? suspend/hibernation on a ThinkPad A31 T30 Modem success (Modem == Intel/Lucent AMR Modem!) RE:TEAC CD-W216E on COMPAQ ARMADA 1750 LAPTOP thinkpad 560 + RAM [OT - but running woody ;-)] Thinkpad 560,need Hints/Experiences The last update was on 08:50 GMT Sat May 25. There are 614 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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