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Re: different paste buffers?

* Michael K O'Brien <mobrien@pixar.com>, 2003-02-21 15:00 -0500:
> Hola~
> Here's a goofy problem I can't quite figure out. I use rxvt as my terminal.
> In some applications (not all the time), if I select text, I can't
> middle-mouse paste it into rxvt. However, if I start up xterm, I can
> middle-mouse paste it into xterm.  I can select text from xterm and paste it
> into rxvt. So, I find that I open xterm, paste into it, select it in xterm,
> paste into rxvt.
> I thought there was only one paste buffer and the pasting was a function of
> X, not really the terminal. Obviously, I'm not correct in that...
>     Why is it possible to middle-mouse paste into xterm but not rxvt?
>     Is there a good way to fix it?
> MO

Whithout being an expert: there are several clipboards in X. "apt-get
install xclip" (and reading its documentation) will tell you more. 


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