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Re: Making the power button smarter?

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 14:48:26 -0500
Brian Kendig <brian@enchanter.net> wrote:

> Sebastian Henschel wrote:
> > this will not work if ACPI does not recognize the button, check if
> > /proc/acpi/button/power/PWRF/info exists.
> I have no '/proc/acpi'; what do I need to have installed for it to 
::snip? SNIP!::

I haven't had a chance to read the first part of this thread (before this message), but from the topic, I'm assuming you want your computer to do something intelligent instead of just turn off when you hit the power button.  To use this functionality, you need ACPI (APM doesn't support it as far as I'm aware).

Make sure that either ACPI is compiled into your kernel.  It can be compiled in concurrently with APM, and can be disabled with the kernel option "acpi=off".  Once you have ACPI working, check that the above-mentioned file exists.  If it does, `cat /proc/acpi/events` and press the power button.  If everything's working as it should, you should see a button event.  Now just configure acpid to do what you want it to.  If not, look in dmesg(1) for ACPI errors.

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