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Re: PAP/CHAT --> no route; LCP-Config Requests reflected (solved)

Hello Bill !

> I am a bit surprised by the serial driver stuff.
> Usually that is loaded into the kernel and not as modules.
> Also you are communicating with it.

Sounds as if i still don't understand it.
The point is i did too much kernel tweaking...the pcmcia stuff made me 
confused at all, along with so many network options and available software 
packages ( next thing is an ether card ).  Some kernel 'flavours' i compiled 
with serial and serial_cs inbuilt, some with both as modules.
Occasionally tested the AT&F ( and typing it correctly, btw, the typo in the 
log you've seen was just an exception ) it didn't work also, I'm sure about 
that. Then i connected my extern modem from my deskbox to it's small brother, 
and after that both worked, extern and Card. This kernel was modular, then.
Now i'd like to track it down, but compiling different kernels cost me too 
much 'management' time...i moved to use debian make-kpkg, but when istalling 
with dpkg there are those questions about installing a mbr lilo as well, 
which bother me. Because i run gladly grub here, and soon will give that lap 
away to a friend, out of support from me  - who knows, someone once will hit 
the wrong key ! Though i replaced /sbin/lilo with a warning, but i suspect 
that could possibly be changed by some packet management fiddlings or an 
upgrade ?
So first i'm going to make a little script that manages oldschool 
kernel-building with differnt flavours of the same version;
besides the usual make stuff checking safety issues of multiple module and 
kernel 'flavour' directories...then, more comfortable, going for tweaking 
again :)

> Anyway glad it works.

me 2



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