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Re: Making the power button smarter?

hi brian...

Received at 2003-02-07 / 09:43 by Brian Kendig:
> When my laptop (Dell Latitude CPi D266XT, Debian sarge) is running, one 
> press of the power button will kill power and turn the thing 
> immediately off.
> Is there any way to make the power button smarter, so that pressing it 
> will shut down cleanly, or bring up a 'do you want to shut down' 
> dialog?  Or is this entirely a hardware thing?

if you are running your kernel with the latest ACPI patch, it is quite
likely that you can define the powerbutton's behaviour via acpid.

i have the following in my /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh

logger "acpid: received a shutdown request"
/sbin/init 0

this will not work if ACPI does not recognize the button, check if
/proc/acpi/button/power/PWRF/info exists.

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