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make-kpkg, was: Getting PCMCIA to work?

At 08:53 2003-02-08, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>>"Mike" == Mike Leone <turgon@mike-leone.com> writes:

 > Well, it didn't work when I did it the make-kpkg way (I believe I was
 > following the direction on the WIRELESS-LAN-HOWTO). Doing it the standard
> Linux way (aka "the hard way") works every time, and on every Linux distro.

        I don't know what the WIRELESS-LAN-HOWTO says, but, for the
 record, I also make my own kernel images and pcmcia modules, and it
 works every time, for the only Linux distribution I really care


For the record, I made my kernels the "Linux way" before, but as I got acquainted with make-kpkg, I stick to it. The only modification I need is that after the installation of created kernel package, I need to modify some link names in the root dir. Since I have more than one kernel installed, I cannot have them all named 'vmlinuz'... :)

It is so convenient to have a .deb package to install...

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