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Re: Li-ion battery doesn't charge

On Monday 10 February 2003 18:58, Paulo Lopes wrote:
> >I have a Clevo 2700T and mine died after about a year.  It got to the
> > point of apparently charging fully, and then going down to about 1:04hour
> > and then suddenly saying that it only had 4 minutes.
> >
> >I replaced it with a new 8 cell battery and I now get 3hours 40minutes
> > which is wonderful.  It cost #80, but it is very useful.
> Humm... can you give more info on your battery? brand, references, where
> to buy? 3h 40m is pretty cool for me (at least is better than 15 minutes
> :-)
> Paulo Lopes
I got mine from the same place I got the Clevo in the first place.  It is
just a slightly greater capacity version of the same thing.  If you can not
find one locally, I am sure my supplier would ship one to you.


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