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Re: make-kpkg, was: Getting PCMCIA to work?

>>"Ivar" == Ivar Alm <octo@acc.umu.se> writes:

 > For the record, I made my kernels the "Linux way" before, but as I got
 > acquainted with make-kpkg, I stick to it. The only modification I need
 > is that after the installation of created kernel package, I need to
 > modify some link names in the root dir. Since I have more than one
 > kernel installed, I cannot have them all named 'vmlinuz'... :)

	I have 7 kernel images installed at this time. I have 5
 symlinks in /; namely vmlinuz, vmlinuz.old, vmlinuz.stable,
 vmlinuz.unstable, vmlinuz.last-resort. Two of these links are handled
 automatically; and I seldom changed the other 3, even when I used

	I do not need these five links, though, since I now use grub.

	Could you explain to me why you need more than two automanaged
 links? What kind of changes you do need to make? It would help to
 perhaps improve kernel-package if I could understand the motivation
 and assess the need for a change in behaviour. 

You're definitely on their list.  The question to ask next is what
list it is.
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