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Re: CompactFlash PC Card Adapter

Florian Reichert <florianr@gmx.net> writes:
> But the PCMCIA Adapter for my CF Card still doesn't work!
> I compiled a new Kernel (2.4.20) without pcmcia support. Then I
> compiled the pcmcia sources from the woody Distribution (used
> make-kpg) before installing the debs i removed the pcmcia packages and
> the /etc/pcmcia directory ... But the error is still the same ...
> cs: unable to map card memory!
> cs: unable to map ....
> cardctl ident no product info available ....
> BTW know the D-Link Cardbus Nic doesn't work too ....
> Ok I will try to remove the pcmcia packages again an compile thhe
> newest Version of pcmcia-cs from sourceforg. 

Thats what I did! And still the Card doesn't work!
In socket 0 I get: de-cs: ParseTuple: Bad CIS tuple

In socket 1: ide-cs: GetFirtsuple: No more items

But the D-Link Cardbus know works again ... !
> Any other Hints here?
> Thanks for help?
> Florian

Florian Reichert
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