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Re: starting blackbox with woody - how?

On Sunday 16 February 2003 15:06, Robert Michel wrote:
> Salve,
> I'm not so fit with x-servers ;( can you give me a hint,
> how I can start blackbox instead of Gnome or KDE?
> Is there a chance to start bb with the Gnome Window Manager,
> or is bb to start manualy?
> Do you know a good tutorial about blackbox?
> Excuse my basic-question, but I beleave on slow lapops
> using blackbox or other smart window-manager would make
> much sense.

This comes up often enough I think I will put a note in the README.Debian.  
Thanks for the feedback.

And yes, Blackbox flies on slower hardware (-:

Blackbox coder and package maintainer

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