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Re: make-kpkg, was: Getting PCMCIA to work?

Hi Kevin
Sound good.
I didn't know that piece about update-grub. It reads the package database 
then ?  I'll do rtfm, also about configuring kernel-kpkg, and try something 
your way :-)


ronin2@bellatlantic.net schrieb zu Re: make-kpkg, was: Getting PCMCIA to 
> I use make-kpkg to build several versions of a kernel, and this for me is
> much simpler: edit Makefile and define Extraversion as the date, so today
> Extraversion=.0209.
> If I made more than one version today I could extend it with .020901 or
> something.
> This has several desirable consequences:
>  1. I don't need to screw around with symlinks. Each kernel has a unique
> name, and the boot loader knows it by that name. In the boot menu kernels
> are shown in order from newest to oldest. 2. Each kernel has its own
> /lib/modules tree and I don't need to worry about overwriting an old one
> before I'm ready -- it's installed or removed along with its kernel. 3. I
> use grub, so I have configured kernel-package to run update-grub whenever
> I install or remove a kernel package.

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