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Re: Random keystrokes lost

also sprach Karl E. Jorgensen <karl@jorgensen.com> [2003.02.10.0208 +0100]:
> Perhaps you had changed a BIOS option, where the change only takes
> effect upon reboot?  IIRC last time it was apm-stuff...

I don't think so. I thought it was APM stuff, but over Christmas,
when it was working just fine, I know I had the WindowMaker APM widget
loaded, so APM was in the kernel. I don't recall changing any BIOS
settings except for SpeedStep, which I've toggled to and fro many
times now with no effects.

I am going to see if it happens without APM kernel support.
unfortunately, ACPI is not an option with these incompetent dickheads
at Dell not able to write a proper BIOS. excuse my french, please!

> Another possibility could be a failed hotswap; where the kernel
> attempts to talk to e.g. a cd-rom drive that is no longer there.

nope. none of that.

> > HELP!
> You gotta love [dh]ell by now... :-)

anyone want to buy a C610?

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