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Li-ion battery doesn't charge


I've a Li-ion battery on my laptop that says that it's capacity is of 3600mAH, but i've compiled my kernel with acpi and i've been reading the proc fs under /proc/acpi/battery/0/info and it says that my battery last charge was only of 596mAH. This is bad since i can only use my laptop during 30 minutes...

I'm using the debian kernel-source 2.4.18 from stable and with acpi + acpid i can only shutdown my laptop, i can't even suspend it. I've tryed the acpi patches from acpi.sf.net (the latest for 2.4.18) and with that my kde doesn't recognize the acpi subsystem. (it recognizes with the default acpi subsystem, without patches)

Does anyone know how to charge the battery to the maximum? thanks.

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