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Re: ATI or nVIDIA for new Laptop?

Friday 07 February 2003, alle 08:28, Claus Nagel:
: I'm about to get a new laptop, hurray!. But one last thing makes me
: unsure what to choose. Do I make it for a 
: 	nVIDIA GeForce4 420Go (Toshiba SP6100)
: or
: 	ATI Mobility FireGL 9000 (Compaq 800w).
: And how does the Radeon 7500 compare to the FireGL 9000?

I know X works on Compaq 900, which on some model has the same card, using VGA or VESA driver. 

I was unable to find information about Toshiba. During Dicember I had
to make the same decision but at the end I bought a Sony VAIO FX802 I
found at a very good price.

: Gaming is not a real Option - I am just unsure, which chipset fits best
: with X11.
: (Sorry about the Signature - I'm working for Lawyers :-)

No problem. 

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