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Re: keyboard scancodes


Check out http://sf.net/projects/omke. We started this as HP
Omnibook-only support but eventually people discovered that many laptops
shared the extra-key enabling scheme. Currently there is support for
various HP Omnibooks, Pavillions, Toshiba Satellites and Compals.


> hi folks...
> i assume, some of you have already encountered the problem with
> not-working extra-keys on your laptop.
> the numerous tools available work by assigning unassigned
> scancodes to keycodes (to characters/starting programs), as it seems to
> me. this may be different for tools for specific laptops (like tpctl,
> i8kutils), which i do not have access to.
> the problem arises, when there is no scancode at all for a specific key,
> when the keyboard controller does not send any code to the driver.
> you can test this with "showkey -s". and i have seen a couple of laptops
> which do not generate a scancode when hitting an extra key.
> it seems that the keyboard driver has to send a magic byte string to the
> controller for that to work.
> so does anyone of you have any experience in this regard? anyone who
> actually did or tried this?
> tia,
>  sebastian

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