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Re: Choosing network settings at boot?

On Sat, 2003-02-08 at 08:44, Brian Kendig wrote:
> What's the package that will let me choose my network settings at boot 
> time?
> I want to be able to sometimes boot without a network, without having 
> to wait a few minutes for DHCP to time out during startup.

Don't forget that you can tweak you DHCP settings to make it not wait so

This is what I do to set my timeout down to two seconds - I don't know
of a LAN that wouldn't respond to DHCP in sub-second time.  I use "pump"
for DHCP, but I'm sure this is doable for other DHCP clients:

# pump configuration file.
# Set the timeout to allow for 2 seconds to get a DHCP answer.
timeout 2
device eth0 {
device eth1 {

Also, there are lots of packages for network autoconfiguration,
including mine.


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