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Re: Battery life recovery - Everyone suggesting battery full drains, *read this*

> At the very least, I find taking the battery out helps the laptop run
> cooler. :)

You surely mean that in a general sense, right? You're not talking about
cpu/system temperature as measured by termal sensors, are you?
I surely would like to only remove my battery and get a laptop that stops
running its fans for cooling off the cpu...

Btw, two questions:

a) anyone knows of laptop modding to add a larger heat spreader or add
some sort of termal conducting material to the bottom, in order to get it

b) if acpi is something to get thermal regulation done by the OS (in
opposition to apm wich handles everything at bios level), is there a way
to shut down fans, just like I do with Windoze when I use "presentation"


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