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lucent orinoco-wavelan2_cs-WEP

hello there

i have been using a lucent orinoco gold wireless card on woody for some time. recently, i enabled WEP encryption on my d-link wireless adapter after which i have not been able to make my card work on woody. most probably, i am missing something. here is my wireless.opts:

# Lucent Wavelan IEEE (+ Orinoco, RoamAbout and ELSA)
# Melco/Buffalo Networks WLI-PCM-L11
# Note : wvlan_cs driver only, and version 1.0.4+ for encryption support
    INFO="Lucent Technologies WaveLAN/IEEE"
# To set all four keys, use :
#   KEY="340c886712 [1] key 45e8fc2151 [2] key a1b215555 [3] key a1b2c3d4e5 [4] key [2]"
# For the RG 1000 Residential Gateway: The ESSID is the identifier on
# the unit, and the default key is the last 5 digits of the same.
#   ESSID="084d70"
#   KEY="s:84d70"

following are the settings on my wireless adapter:

active key: WEP Key 2
WEP type: enable 64
authentication type: both (open system and shared key)
key1: blah blah
key2: 45e8fc2151
key3: blah blah
key4: blah blah

some other specs
kernel: v2.4.17 custom, acpi patch, no pcmcia
pcmcia - v3.1.29

can someone give me a pointer here?



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