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Strange tv out problem

I have a very strange tv out problem with my SONY VAIO FX 805 notebook (OS Windows XP). When I connect the tv out port (of the ATI mobility M1)to the TV thanks to the supplied Jack/3 cinch(video,audioR,audioL) cable the LCD monitor of my laptop appears on the TV screen, which is totally normal...Then I start windows mediaplayer in order to watch a movie and of course I can  see the little window of mediaplayer appearing both on my LCD monitor and on the TV screen...
BUT when I start the movie I can only see it on the LCD monitor because the little window of mediaplayer on the TV screen keep remaining black whereas it plays the movie on the LCD monitor...
I mean that I can perfectly see the film with window mediaplayer on the laptop while, in the same time, I can only see the little window of mediaplayer remaining black on the TV screen...IT IS AMAZING
I imagine it cannot be a TV out port problem as the LCD is reproducted on the TV screen, and it cannot be a software problem as mediaplayer can play the movie correctly on the laptop ... BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THAT PROBLEM COMES FROM !!!!
Hoping to receive a reply to this mail with a possible solution, thank in advance.


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