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Re: Li-ion battery doesn't charge

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 13:01, Paulo Lopes wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a Li-ion battery on my laptop that says that it's capacity is of 
> 3600mAH, but i've compiled my kernel with acpi and i've been reading the 
> proc fs under /proc/acpi/battery/0/info and it says that my battery last 
> charge was only of 596mAH. This is bad since i can only use my laptop 
> during 30 minutes...

If it's an older laptop it's probably just that the battery is dead. The
maximum charge on batteries becomes less with use. My own laptop only
lasted about 30 minutes in the end. After a battery swap (I had a spare)
i'm back to more then 2 hours.

> Does anyone know how to charge the battery to the maximum? thanks.

If it's not an older battery/laptop... try discharging it fully and then
do a full charge with the laptop turned off.

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